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Information about TAL Life

TAL Life Limited ABN 70 050 109 450 AFSL 237848 (TAL Life) is part of the TAL Dai-ichi Life Australia Pty Limited ABN 97 150 070 483 group of companies (TAL). Asteron Life superannuation products are issued by LGIAsuper Trustee ABN 94 085 088 484 AFSL 230511 as trustee for LGIAsuper ABN 23 053 121 564 RSE R1000160, trading as Brighter Super (Brighter Super). Insurance and/or administration services are provided to Brighter Super by TAL Life. Brighter Super is not part of the TAL Group of companies and uses the Asteron Life brand under licence from TAL. The different entities of the Brighter Super Group and the TAL Group of companies do not guarantee, are not responsible for, or liable in respect of, products and services provided by the other.

Except as otherwise expressly stated in the governing documents of a particular product, TAL ,Suncorp and their subsidiaries and related entities do not guarantee the repayment of capital invested in or the investment performance of a particular product. An investment in a particular product is not a bank deposit or other bank liability and is, except as otherwise expressly stated in the governing documents of a particular product, subject to investment risk including possible delays in repayment and loss of the interest and principal invested.


1. Intellectual property rights

All material available through this website is owned by or licensed to TAL and is protected by intellectual property rights. You agree not to access, download or otherwise use any material on this website in any way not expressly authorised by us. You accept full responsibility and indemnify us for any expense, loss or liability that we incur as a result of any use by you of the material on this website that is not expressly authorised by us. You agree not to delete any copyright notices or other indications of protected intellectual property rights from materials that you print or download from this website.

2. Professional advice may need to be obtained

You acknowledge that by us providing the information contained in this website we are not:

(a) rendering any legal, accounting, financial or other professional advice or opinions on specific matters or facts;

(b) guaranteeing repayment of capital and;

(c) making a recommendation to take up particular financial services products.

The information on the website may not take into account any persons' particular circumstances. You should always consult a qualified adviser for advice on whether the information is appropriate to your particular objectives, financial situation and needs.

3. Use of information on this website by you

The information presented on this website has been compiled from various sources. Please do not rely on the information contained within this website as personal advice. The description of the various products and services offered is provided solely for general purposes and may not intended to be a complete description of all the terms, conditions, exclusions applicable to the product or service.

We take reasonable steps to ensure that the information contained in this website is accurate and up-to-date. However the information presented on the website is subject to change without notice and its accuracy is not guaranteed. Please refer to the section headed "Our liability".

4. Our liability

Except as expressly stated in these Terms and Conditions, all warranties, representations or conditions relating to the Service, or the fitness of the Service for any particular purpose, or to the merchantability of the Service, or to any other aspect of the Service, or as to the information contained in the Service (whether express or implied and whether arising in contract, at common law or under statute) are to the maximum extent permitted by law expressly excluded.

You acknowledge that:

(a) Our liability or any of our employees or directors under any statutory right or any condition or warranty implied by any state Fair Trading Act, Competition and Consumer Act or ASIC Act or other relevant law, which cannot be excluded is, to the extent permitted by law, in the case of any services, limited to the supply of the services again or the payment of the cost of having the services supplied again.

(b) The Service is, to the extent permitted by law, provided "as is, as available", without any warranty of any kind including, without limitation, any warranty with respect to the quality, performance or functionality of the Service and that the Service will be interrupted or error free.

(c) Neither we nor our directors and employees can accept liability for any errors or omissions and make no representations as to the accuracy or completeness of any information contained in the website.

(d) We, to the extent permitted by law, are not liable to you for any incidental, indirect, special, consequential or economic loss or damage (including loss of profits or opportunities and exemplary and punitive damages) whether arising from negligence or otherwise in relation to these Terms and Conditions or the failure or omission by us to comply with its obligations under these Terms and Conditions. To the extent permitted by law, you indemnify us from and against all actions, claims, suits, demands, liabilities, costs or expenses arising out of or in any way connected to the use of the Service.

5. Links to other web-sites

As a convenience to you this website may contain links to other sites independently maintained by others. Because we do not control these other sites, we cannot be responsible for the content or accuracy of the information or other material on these linked sites. The fact that we have provided a link to another website does not mean that we make a recommendation or give any endorsement or approval of any products or services contained in those other sites.

Before disclosing your personal information on any other website, we advise you to examine the terms and conditions of those websites (including websites of other TAL companies, as their Terms and Conditions can differ from this website).

You acknowledge that you cannot make any hyperlinks to this site without our prior written consent.

6. Breach of conditions

If you breach any term or condition of these Terms and Conditions, we may suspend your access to the Service. We reserve the right to suspend your access to the Service or access to the Service generally due to technical or other problems associated with the Service.

Either party may also terminate this Agreement in that party's absolute discretion immediately on written notice to the other party. We reserve the right to terminate the Service at any time at our absolute discretion.

7. Australian residents only

This website is for access and use by Australian residents only. Some of the Service may be limited in its application to specific States and/or Territories of Australia.

The website and these Terms and Conditions will be governed exclusively by the law of the State of New South Wales, Australia.

8. Website

To the fullest extent permissible by law the materials on this website are provided as is and without warranty of any kind (either express or implied). TAL does not warrant that the website or its contents will be error and/or omission free or provided uninterrupted. Nor will TAL be liable for errors and/or omissions or interruptions to the website or for loss or damage suffered as a result of reliance on any information or document available on this website.

To the fullest extent permissible by law, TAL specifically disclaims and excludes any and all liability that may arise for direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, loss of profit or special damages that may arise from the access to, reliance on and/or use of this website or the contents thereof.

You acknowledge and agree that you access and use this website at your own risk. 


9. General Advice Statement

The information on this website does not take into account your personal financial situation, needs or objectives. Therefore, before you decide to buy a product issued by Asteron, or keep a product you already hold, it is important that you consider the relevant Product Disclosure Statement to make sure that the product is appropriate for you. 

10. Financial services provided on this Website

Financial services (as that term is defined in the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth)) provided on the website are provided by TAL Life . 

By using the website you acknowledge that any financial product advice that is provided to you is general in nature only and has been prepared without taking into account your objectives, financial situation, or needs (‘general advice’), and you understand that because of that, before acting on it you should consider the appropriateness of the advice having regard to those factors, and if necessary to seek advice that is tailored to your circumstances from a qualified professional.

You understand that before making any decision to acquire or to continue to hold any of the products that are promoted and distributed on the website you should carefully consider the terms and conditions in detail, and you agree that you will not make any application for any insurance product until and unless you have obtained and read the

Product Disclosure Statement for that product. The Target Market Determination (TMD) for the relevant product, where applicable, is also available on our website.

Calculators and other devices which may assist you in selecting insurance for your objectives, financial situation and needs that are or may be provided on this website from time to time only provide general advice. Assumptions and limitations apply to the figures that they produce. Use of these calculators and other devices is at your own risk and you should always consider whether the figures that they produce are appropriate for you, having regard to your objectives, financial situation, and needs. 

11. Electronic disclosure and communication

TAL Life is required by law to provide certain disclosure documents to persons who are acquiring financial services or financial products, and the insurers are required to issue certain communications to holders of financial products. To the extent permissible by law, all disclosure documents (such as Product Disclosure Statements and Financial Services Guide) made available on this website, and communications arising from your use of this website, will be in electronic form and will be provided to you: 

  • in the case of disclosure documents: by notifying you that you can access the relevant document at a specified page on this website or by clicking a hyperlink provided to you on this website or in an email or a text message that we send to your nominated email address or mobile telephone number
  • in the case of communications: by email or text message to your nominated email address or mobile telephone number.

By accessing and using this website, you agree to disclosure and communication in the manner described above unless you expressly inform us that you require disclosure documents and communications to be provided to you in hard copy or by post. You may revoke your agreement to electronic disclosure and communication by letting us know that you wish to receive disclosure and communication by using the contact details below:

Post:   Life Customer Service
              GPO Box 68
              Sydney NSW 2001

Phone: 1800 221 727

Email: life_customerservice@asteron.com.au

You acknowledge that in order to receive, read and retain electronic disclosure documents and communications from Asteron, you must:

  • have access to a device or devices suitable for connecting to the Internet using an up-to-date Internet browser;
  • maintain software that enables you to download and read files in Portable Document Format ("PDF");
  • (if you provide your email address) maintain a valid email address and the necessary software to access it, and keep Asteron informed if your email address changes, and access that email address regularly to check for mail from us;
  • add the domain [“@[insert relevant domain”] to your e-mail account list of "safe senders" or “trusted senders” (or equivalent); and
  • maintain such storage capacity as is necessary to retain digital copies of these disclosure documents and communications and/or a printer to print them.

You understand that you should save or print (or otherwise retain) copies of the disclosure documents and communications that we send to you, and you understand that while some documents can be provided to you again there may be costs involved in replacing certain documents, such as policy documents. 

12. Complaints and disputes about the Website

Any dispute arising in connection with these Terms and Conditions or in connection with your use of the website which cannot be resolved by good faith negotiations between us shall be referred to mediation or to arbitration. However, we reserve, at our absolute discretion, our right to instigate legal proceedings prior to negotiation, arbitration or mediation against any individual, organisation or entity, who in our opinion has acted in breach of these Terms and Conditions. 

13. Termination and survival

These Terms and Conditions, your agreement to these Terms and Conditions, and your access to the website may be terminated at any time. However, in that event, all disclaimers and limitations of liability of all members of TAL Life or the TAL Group, any obligations undertaken by or licences granted by you, and any restrictions, will survive such termination. 

If you use of the website is terminated, you will no longer be authorised to access or use the website and you must not directly or indirectly access the website.

14. Enforceability and severability

Should any term or part of these Terms and Conditions be found to be void or unenforceable, then those parts are to be severed from the other terms, leaving the remainder in full force and effect, provided that such severance does not alter the fundamental nature of the total Terms and Conditions.

15. Contact us

The registered office of TAL and each of its related bodies corporate Level 16, 363 George Street SYDNEY NSW 2000.


Please read this Privacy Policy carefully before using this website and providing us any personal information. (It should be read in conjunction with our Terms and Conditions).

You agree that by using our website you consent to us:

(a) creating a database record about you if you disclose your personal information to us/register on our website;

(b) collecting, using and disclosing personal information about you for the purposes of providing financial products and services to you in the manner set out in this Privacy Policy, our relevant Privacy Statement and the TAL Group Privacy Policy. Unless you have asked us not to send you marketing information, (refer to section 5 of this Part B); and

(c) disclosing personal information about you to, and obtaining personal information from, other parties for any of these purposes. These other parties include: your adviser, other members of TAL, hospitals, medical and other health professionals, other insurers and reinsurers mailing houses, research and telephone service providers, government departments, if the insurance is with a superannuation fund the trustee, loss assessors and claims investigators, claims reference providers, other service providers and legal and other professional providers; and

(d) using cookies on your browser (unless you remove them).

In addition, you agree that your continued use of our website indicates your agreement with any future changes to this policy.

1. This policy

We are committed to safeguarding the privacy of our customers and advisers. We appreciate that as our customer or an adviser, you trust us with your personal information.

In handling your personal information, we will comply with the Australian Privacy Principles in the Privacy Act and, where relevant, the policies and codes of industry groups to which we belong.

This policy explains our general practices in handling personal information. If you need further information, have questions about our privacy practices or wish to gain access to your personal information, please contact us. 

2. Collecting your personal information

We collect personal information about you for the purposes set out in our Privacy Statement, including providing and administering our products and services. For example, we collect information to assess and decide on what terms (if any) we accept your application or increasing or amend your existing insurance, provide and manage the insurance you have after we have accepted the risk and investigate, and if covered, manage and pay any claims made in relation to insurance you have with us or any other members of TAL.

In some circumstances we are also required to collect information to meet the requirements of superannuation and taxation laws.

If you do not provide the information we have requested we may not be able to provide the services or products you have requested. Where you are applying for insurance we are unlikely to be able to provide that insurance and we may not be able to assess or pay any claim made under your insurance policy.

The details of exactly what types of personal information we collect can be found on the forms we ask you to complete, in the questions we ask you (for example, when we ask for information such as your email address, name, address, date of birth and gender) and how you use our website, (for example, by registering on our website). The type of personal information we collect may also depend on what pages you visit on our website.

Before providing us with any personal information or acquiring a product or service from us you should read our relevant Privacy Statement www.asteronlife.com.au/privacy In relation to LGIAsuper trading as Brighter Super, you should also read the Brighter Super Privacy Policy www.brightersuper.com.au/privacy 

We sometimes collect information about people who are not our customers as part of providing a product, for example, where we process a claim on an insurance policy. You may be one of these people. Before you provide us with your personal information you should be provided with a Privacy Statement relevant to you. We will collect, use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the Privacy Statement you may receive when you interact with us.

3. Our use of cookies

Cookies are pieces of information that a website transfers to your computer's hard disk for record keeping purposes. Most web browsers are set to accept cookies. We use cookies to make your use of our website and services as convenient as possible. Cookies in and of themselves do not personally identify users, although they do identify a user's browser. Cookies are useful to estimate our number of customers and determine overall traffic patterns through our website. If you do not wish to receive any cookies you may set your browser to refuse cookies. This may mean you will not be able to take full advantage of our services. Please refer to the TAL Group Privacy Policy for more information.

4. Disclosing your personal information

In the course of providing you with a product or service you have requested, we may disclose your personal information in accordance with the relevant Privacy Statement including to our Authorised Representatives or other Australian Financial Services Licensees we do business with, other members of TAL, hospitals, medical and other health professionals, other insurers' and reinsurers' mailing houses, research and telephone service providers, government departments, if the insurance is with a superannuation fund the trustee, loss assessors and claims investigators, claims reference providers, other service providers and legal and other professional providers.

In the event of a transfer in the ownership of any part of our business to another member of TAL, your personal information will be transferred to the new business owner for use subject always to this policy.

We are also sometimes required by law, or by a legal process such as a court order, to release personal information collected about you.

5. Staying in contact with you

We may use your personal information to keep you up to date about matters like products and services that you might be interested in. If you are contacted for this reason, you will be given the opportunity to not receive these communications by contacting us. Please read the relevant Privacy Statement for more information about our marketing practices. 

6. Access to your personal information

You can request access to your personal information, by phoning or writing to us. Our contact details are 1300 209 088.

If accessing your personal information will take an extended period of time, we will inform you of any likely delay.

The Australian Privacy Principles outline circumstances under which we may refuse access to some or all of your personal information. In such cases, we will give reasons for our decision.

We may charge a reasonable fee for the costs of providing you your personal information as permitted by law. We will inform you if such a charge applies before we proceed with your request.

7. Security

We take all reasonable steps to maintain the security of personal information that we hold. We have information security policies in place for both computer records and for our paper files, which aim to minimise the risk of unauthorised access to your personal information.

Your information is stored on secure servers that are protected in controlled facilities. We require our employees and data processors to respect the confidentiality of any personal information held by us. Unfortunately, no data transmission over the internet can be completely secure, so we cannot give an absolute assurance that the information you provide to us via the internet will be secure at all times. We will not be held responsible for events arising from unauthorised access to your personal information.

Please contact us if you want further information about our security practices. Please notify us immediately if you become aware of any unauthorised use of this website by an internet user or any other breach of security.

8. Password and log-in security

For the purposes of viewing our website you may be supplied with a LOGIN and PIN (for more information on this, see our Terms of Use). You are responsible for the security of your log-in information. You take responsibility to ensure the confidentiality of this information.

9. Resolving problems related to your privacy

You also have the right to make a complaint about your privacy.

If you want to report a suspected breach of your privacy, or you do not agree with a decision regarding access to your personal information, please contact us. Click here for more information should you have privacy concern. We have an internal dispute resolution process to address such issues.

If you are not satisfied with our final decision you can direct your complaint to the Director of Compliance (Investigations), Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, either on 1300 363 992 or by mail to GPO Box 5218, Sydney, NSW, 2001.

10. Future changes

Our business will continue to evolve as we introduce new services and features to our website. Because of this, from time to time we may review this privacy policy and may amend it to reflect changes in legislation, industry codes or in the business environment. We encourage you to check the Privacy Policy on the Asteron’s website each time you access the website to access the latest version of the Privacy Policy.